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Lampropeltis triangulum triangulum

Eastern milk snake, pictured here
with four eggs.

The underside of the eastern milk snake, showing checkerboard pattern.


  • Length: 61-90 cm.

  • Colour: cream, tan, or light grey with red or dark brown black-bordered blotches alternating with blotches along each side. A white blotch on neck often appears Y or V shaped;

  • Underbelly Colour: whitish belly with black checker-board pattern;

  • Head: slender and oval in shape;

  • Eyes: rounded pupils;

  • Scales: smooth scales; anal scale single;

  • Tail: pointed, slender tail, vibrates tail when frightened;

  • Reproduction: lays eggs;

  • Young: young have bright red-brown blotches bordered in black;

  • Habitat: fields, woodlands, rocky hillsides, river bottoms;

  • Status: common in many parts of Ontario;

  • General Info: Because of its colour, pattern and tendency to vibrate
    its pointed tail when disturbed it is commonly mistaken for the
    massasauga. It is non-venomous and secretive; often found in
    search of rodents around old buildings.

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The eastern milk snake showing the y or
v shape on the back of the neck.