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  • Status: common in many parts of Ontario;
  • General Info: will flee from humans; will investigate splashing objects in the water in hopes of finding prey. The northern water snake is non-venomous and feeds mainly on fish and frogs.
The northern water snake preys on fish,
frogs and tadpoles.
Heterodon platirhinos
The eastern hognose snake can be found
to have very little pattern.


  • Length: 51-84 cm;

  • Colour: large dark blotches, alternating with smaller blotches along the sides against a brown-grey body, can be blotched or plain grey, green-brown or even black;

  • Underbelly Colour: belly yellow and sometimes with greenish
    grey pattern;

  • Head: flat head with distinctive upturned snout;

  • Eyes: rounded pupils;

  • Scales: keeled; anal scale divided;

Eastern hognose snake “playing dead” to
discourage predators.

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