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Tallgrass Prairie Heritage Park.
Ojibway’s remaining natural areas are
outlined in green. The City of Windsor
and the Town of La Salle surround these isolated sections.


Ojibway’s unique prairie habitat is vital to the survival of many plants and animals. These species, including Ontario’s only prairie population of eastern massasauga rattlesnakes, have evolved to inhabit this ecosystem. Although the Ojibway Prairie Complex provides some protection, many massasauga rattlesnakes are seen on nearby, adjacent private lands that are threatened with development.


Ojibway Prairie Provincial Nature Reserve.


Much development is occurring in the City of Windsor and the neighbouring Town of La Salle. These projects are ongoing all around the vicinity of the Ojibway Prairie Complex. Construction of roads and new communities has brought in a higher volume of traffic, and increased the number of snakes killed on roadways.

Habitat loss and fragmentation due to development threatens the survival of remaining prairie habitat and its associated wildlife. Only a few small areas remain which seem suitable for massasaugas habitat. Paved roads, strip malls, and residential areas partition these prairie remnants. The snake’s movement is therefore limited throughout its local range and between the very few protected areas.

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