10 facts about reptiles you didn’t know

The slithering creatures which we know as snakes are one of the oldest species of the world. There are many fossils that have been found and they all dated back to 160 million years. It means that the snakes had many encounters with the dinosaurs and who knows how many of each side was killed. Most of the snakes smell to locate their prey and this process turns out to be the best one. The tongue is the other part of the body which is used to locate the soon to be victims. There are some facts about the snakes which most of the people are unaware of completely. (more…)

Popular places in the world where you can see the snakes

We humans or Homo sapiens don’t talk good about the serpents or reptiles sure as snakes. There is a very good reason behind it. According to an estimate, the total number of classes of venomous snakes it about 600 in total and the fatal encounters take thousands of lives each year. It is also important to know the fact that according to many people all snakes are venomous. With this in mind, the encounters become fatal automatically. You can also see the snakes in places which are highly controlled or where they don’t attack often. For those of you who get scared from the outlook of ugly snakes and their gross appearance, it is advised not to visit such places at all. (more…)

Top 5 the most deadly snakes you have to avoid

There are about 8000 species of snakes that have populated the earth for a very long time. Out of these only 600 are considered to be extremely dangerous. Out of these 600, only 200 are those that cause fatality to the humans each year. It is a proven fact that the death rate related to any particular species of snake is very low and sometimes negligible. It never means that these snakes should be avoided as in the remotest parts of the world they do exist and the people fight their venom each day to survive. The deadliest snakes on the planet can cause death within minutes and even seconds. (more…)

Main things you should know about poisonous snakes

The venomous snakes are found all over the world and if you have not encountered one does not mean that you never get it in front of you. The snakes which are poisonous should not be encountered without precautionary measures. There have been many deaths related to these snakes and the associations which are related to reptiles also spread awareness about the general public. The encounters with even the most poisonous and venomous snakes can be non-fatal as they only bite if provoked. There are many guides which are there on the internet and provide a complete brief of the protective measures which could be taken if there is an encounter. (more…)

Poisonous snakes in Canada you should know about

Canada is one of the most geographically diverse nations of the world. It is because of the huge land area that it has. Canada is the fourth largest country of the world by land. The terrain is plain, rough and mountainous. It makes Canada a country that has huge species and classes of snakes. There are many venomous snakes in the country besides some non-venomous classes as well. It is very important for the remote Canadians to make sure that they get complete knowledge how to distinguish a venomous snake. They can make their homes safe and secure if the guidelines are followed. But to follow the guidelines one should know the venomous snakes of Canada. (more…)